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Post-Pandemic Park Bag Checklist

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

With the upcoming re-opening of the Walt Disney World Resort and the guidelines that have been put in place by Disney, I've come up with a NEW Park Bag Checklist with all of the must-haves for your upcoming Post-Pandemic Disney trip!

My number one item that I have to have in the parks with me are a pair of Mickey Ears. These "Confetti Ears" are one of my absolute favorite pairs that I own, and I got them from a small shop called Ears Full of Sugar! I couldn't link the exact ears that I have because they're not currently in stock; however, if you follow Brandie on Instagram, she'll notify you when her ears are restocked! Two other ear shops that I love are Say ChEARS and Magic Made Co.

This Disney Loungefly backpack is my favorite bag to bring into the parks. It's the perfect size to fit everything that you need without having to dig for that one thing for 20 minutes. The side pockets are great for storing rain gear and a small water bottle, and the front pouch is perfect for holding a small wallet or cellphone for easy access! Loungefly has lots of other Disney designs, so go and check all of those out here.

I purchased this Nalgene water bottle in Canada, so I don't have the link to this exact one. This one from Target is closest to mine, but Amazon also has the same bottle in a ton of different colors! Any water bottle that you already have that doesn't leak will work perfectly in the parks. Just make sure to pack one so that you can fill it up (with the free cups of filtered ice water that Disney gives out) to stay hydrated throughout the day!

I just picked up these Vitamin C gummies from Wal-Mart, but any form of Vitamin C would work! You can throw however many you need for the day in a Ziploc bag and take them with you to the parks.

For anyone who has been to the Disney Parks (especially Disney World) during the Summer months knows how hot it can get standing in line for rides. Before you spend $20 on a Disney Parks portable fan with a mister, buy a cheaper (and less bulky) one on Amazon! The one that I have is battery-operated (only 1 AA battery required to operate), so make sure to bring some spare AA batteries if you choose this one. It can also easily clip onto your backpack AND it has a water mister on it! Another portable fan that I've heard Brogan (one of my favorite Disney vloggers) recommend multiple times is this one, which doesn't have a mister but it has a USB charger instead of being battery-charged. This fan also looks perfect for anyone bringing a stroller into the parks!

These Sunglasses are part of the Disney Ray-Ban collection and are one of two Disney designs that Ray-Ban sells. The pair that I have are actually a kid's size because my head is super small, but they have the same design in an adult size.

I always tell my clients that it rains almost every day in Disney World, even if it's just a quick drizzle. Make sure to pack a rain jacket, poncho, or umbrella with you when you're prepping for your trip. Every morning before you leave your resort room, check the weather for the day and see if there's rain in the forecast. I usually pack my rain gear when there's a 15% and higher chance of rain, but I leave it behind if it's less than that. I also prefer to bring a rain jacket as opposed to an umbrella because I hate that umbrellas take forever to dry. The rain jacket that I linked (the one that is pictured) dries super fast, is very lightweight, and has a nice little pouch in the front to hold your wallet or phone!

I haven't been able to find sanitizing wipes anywhere since COVID-19, but I lucked out and found these at Albertsons yesterday. Any disinfecting wipes will work, but make sure to bring a couple of packs to throw in your park bag! They are perfect for wiping down lap bars, straps, and handles on rides before you touch them. Here's a pretty good deal for an 8-pack of wipes on Amazon.

If you're like me and take tons of pictures and videos on your phone while in the parks, I'm sure you will want to pack a portable phone charger in your park bag! Unfortunately, the charger that I have is no longer available to purchase, but I've linked one that is an awesome deal (2 chargers for $20) and almost exactly the same as mine. The charger comes with two portable chargers and a USB charging cable that you plug into the wall to re-charge the chargers. The only thing that you need to bring to be able to use this portable charger in the parks is your phone charging cable. The chargers are compatible will all Androids and iPhones. This is another great option!

10. MagicBand

If you're staying at a resort on Disney World property in 2020, you will receive this in the mail about 2 weeks before your vacation. It's your room key, charging "card" (if you choose to link your credit card), and your ticket into the parks. There are different colors that you can choose from that are free of charge, but there are cuter designs that are an up-charge. Disney will be retiring the complimentary Magic Bands starting in January 2021.

Do not forget to bring this if you will be vacationing in Disney World in 2020!

Like I mentioned earlier, it can get really hot in the Florida parks during the Summer. I love bringing a cooling towel to wrap around my neck when the heat starts getting unbearable. All you have to do is wet them with some water, wring the excess water out, and place the towel around your neck! The towel I linked even comes with a carrying pouch (that can hook onto your backpack), so once you're done using it, just fold it up and slip it back into its pouch. This cooling towel is a game-changer for those extremely hot days.

I really really hate sunscreen, but I find that I always get sunburnt on my face and my shoulders while I'm in the Disney parks. This sunscreen is really lightweight, is in a tiny bottle that doesn't take up a lot of room in my bag, and has a pump on it so the cap doesn't open and spill everywhere. Any sunscreen works, but I recently got this one and I have been enjoying it so far! I also really like the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen.

In this little zipper pouch, I have my Germ-X, face mask, chapstick, and hand lotion. I put all of these things together because they are the items that I use most often. It's easy to locate and grab these things when they're in a bag, and I love my clear bag from Amy's Small World. I bought this bag in a Travel Bag Set years ago, and I can honestly say that I use these bags all the time. I use them to hold socks, Mickey Ears, snacks, and so much more. I use them for vacations that aren't even Disney related! They're super high-quality, come in tons of different Disney patterns, and the shop owner is so kind. Check out all of Amy's stuff here.


To book your next Disney vacation, contact me here!

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Victoria Manning
Victoria Manning
21 jun 2020

As someone who hasn't been to Disney since they've implemented the Magic Bands, I could see myself forgetting it. Do you know what to do if someone gets to the park without theirs?

Me gusta
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