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Spotlight: Creator of Ears Full of Sugar

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

I am so excited to introduce Brandie, creator and owner of the Mickey/Minnie Ear shop, Ears Full of Sugar! She lives and works in Connecticut with her husband and her four cats. I discovered her on Instagram a while back, and I love keeping up with her shop and her Disney World adventures! Here is a little more about Brandie, some of her Disney favorites, and her adorable Ear shop! Make sure to check out her shop and follow her on social media.

Instagram: @earsfullofsugar

What is your favorite memory of Disney World?

Oh man, there are so many! I think every time I go, I make a new favorite memory. But if I have to choose one, it has to be when I went with my sisters and my dad a few years ago. My dad was being a really good sport about going on rides (he’s not a rides person) until we took him on Rockin’ Rollercoaster. I’m laughing as I type this. The picture at the end of the ride was priceless. My dad also walked off the ride so fast and took off, mumbling “that’s it. I’m done. No more rides.” I should probably point out at this time that we told my dad prior that it was not a fast ride. He was pretty un-trusting of us the rest of the trip.

What is your favorite resort to stay at on property?

Caribbean Beach is currently the running favorite.

What is your must-do Disney attraction on every trip?

Epcot. I have to go to Epcot. If I am there 1 day only, I am spending every minute in Epcot.

What is your favorite Disney snack?

Probably the macaron ice cream in France in Epcot.

If you could take a picture with only one character on a Disney vacation, who would that character be?

This is a no-brainer. Mary Poppins. Hands down!

If you had one restaurant recommendation in Disney World, what would it be, and what would you recommend ordering?

I just went to 50’s Prime Time my last trip, and it was amazing! I recommend the fried goat cheese appetizer and the fried chicken dinner, but split the dinner with someone because the serving is HUGE!

What is your favorite park in Disney World, and why?

Epcot. I really love food. I also think I find new things to do in Epcot all the time. It has a lot of quiet spots to sit and relax if you want, too.

Who do you love traveling to Disney with most?

My Disney loving girlfriends. Don’t get me wrong, love my husband, but he did not grow up with Disney. So, going with my girlfriends and singing and dancing around the parks makes for great travel buddies!

What is your favorite Disney movie?

Mary Poppins

What does your Disney shop sell?

I sell handmade inspired park Ears

How did you get this business started?

By accident, haha. Long story short, I wanted to learn how to sew. We were going on a Disney trip that April, I attempted to make my own Ears for the trip, friends found out, and they wanted some. Then their friends, and so on, and so on. Next thing I know, I had an Etsy shop, an Instagram, and now I am a real business and a .com. It’s been a roller-coaster for sure!

What does your favorite pair of ears look like?

Oh boy! I don’t really have one. I’m the worst every time I am asked this question; I just randomly choose a pair of Ears. But honestly, my favorite is always whatever is new that I am working on. Right now it’s all designs Flower & Garden.

What is the ultimate goal for your shop?

No real goal. I will continue to make Ears as long as people love what I am making. Down the line, if it continues to grow, that would be amazing! If it doesn’t, then I will hold onto this experience as something amazing I was able to do.

How can we, as consumers, support your small business?

I guess the same way you support your favorite big business, by word of mouth! If you like my product, tell a friend or share my Instagram. I wouldn’t be here without that!

What are your social media handles?

Instagram: @earsfullofsugar

To book your next Disney vacation, contact me here!


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