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Ronnie Beaulieu

As a Disney frequent, I have always gone through the MyDisneyExperience app and searched rooms and booked meals and tried to work out FastPasses. To be honest, I usually gave up on the FastPass issues to the point of aww hell I’ll ride what I can get on. I was set to do it (or attempt to do it) all again last October for Food and Wine (my 14th year in a row). Well, as I was procrastinating the planning, my wife said, "Hey, call Hillary! She is one of those you know Disney planner gals." Best move of my Disney-loving life. She worked diligently to secure all of our meal reservations at our favorite restaurants, booked my tickets, found me a great room, and damned if she didn’t get me those long sought after FastPasses! I must have texted her a dozen times with questions and changes, and she was so helpful like wave the wand and got it done. I am sold on this way to plan and will be using her to infinity and beyond. Love her little Disney helpful videos throughout the year and her enthusiasm for anything and all Disney. See Ya Real Soon!


Kati Monroe

Hillary and I spoke over the course of a few days. She communicated with me, giving advice and asking us information about our wants/needs/expectations for our trip to Disneyland. Hillary was quick to respond and curated the most magical trip for my family! She knew exactly what to plan for a trip that would include a toddler. As a special touch, she provided a sweet care package from “Mickey Mouse” himself! We are so appreciative of Hillary and the investment she put into making our vacation at Disneyland special.


Catherine Fabre

Hillary was great, so helpful every step of the way. Today we opened the cutest package from Mickey Mouse! Can't wait for our vacation!


Alli Moore

Hillary planned me and my family’s Disney vacation trip this past year. There were four of us adults, a four-year-old, and a one-year-old. Needless to say she had a lot of different needs to meet! She did an incredible job of making sure we had the best trip possible! She was so patient with us as we were very new to Disney World and all it has to offer. She handled all of our tickets and even made sure our room reservations were all good to go! She handled all of the little things, even making sure we got on the right bus from the airport. She was super available to us if we had any questions at all throughout our trip. She made sure our four-year-old boy got to see as many characters as he wanted, and she got all of the right FastPasses! She handled our dinner reservations and much more. We had a blast and didn’t have to stress about lines or missed experiences! She’s so kind and knows her stuff! Highly recommend!


Abby Holland

Hillary is a Disney expert. Personally, I like to think of her as the epitome of Disney magic. She is a Disney genius. I’ve been to Disney a couple of times, but Hillary helped me experience it on a whole different level. She plans everything so well that you waste little to no time in lines. If you wan't the best experience, let Hillary plan your trip. I never had to worry about dining because she knew the places to go that were top notch. I was really needing some magic at the time that I went, and boy did she bring me out of the depths of despair. I had the honor of going with the expert herself, and honestly I don’t want to go with anyone else now. Hillary is a pro when it comes to this sorta stuff! Genuinely plan a trip through her because you won’t regret it!!!!!!

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Rebecca Miller

My first EVER Disney trip was booked through Hillary and she made a point to make sure everything was PERFECT! I had no idea what to expect when booking a trip to Disney... and I surely found out that they can be quite difficult, especially when you’ve never been! When it comes to planning what parks to attend for the day, park hoppers, snacks and food, what your dinner plans may be that evening, and booking FastPasses, it can become a headache, and no vacation should be that! But we called Hillary up, and she covered EVERYTHING! Our schedule everyday was neatly planned out and so simple to follow, which made the entire trip easy to enjoy and stress-free! She even sent us a special care package with a cute Disney cup for each of us and a personalized note book for characters’ signatures! I would NEVER plan a Disney trip without calling Hillary to help us through every step of the process! Thank you so much for being a part of the memories we were able to create!

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