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What's In My Disney Park Bag?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Call me a Disney nerd, but I get SO excited to prepare and pack my Disney park bag. In fact, I love it so much that I do it about a week in advance, just to make sure it has all of the Disney World essentials in it! Here is my list of things I always pack, and I included a link (just click on the pictures) to each of them just in case you are interested in buying any of them.

My Park Bag:

My grandfather gave me this Disney backpack so many years ago, and I've used it for every single Disney trip since. It is still in mint condition, too! I don't know where a bag like this could be found, but let me know if you find it online somewhere!


There's nothing worse than being stuck in a long line for a ride and feeling like you're about to die of thirst. I always always keep a water bottle in my bag to keep myself hydrated throughout the day! Park tip: you can go to any kiosk or Quick Service desk and get a free cup of ice water to refill your water bottle. I'm linking one of my favorite water bottles below, but any water bottle with a good seal would do fine!

Charging pack for cell phone:

I have been using my atomi portable charger for a few years, so I can't find mine on Amazon, but linked is a comparable portable charger similar to mine. You can charge the pack at night in your hotel, then your charging pack will charge your cellphone right there in the parks! $38

Lightweight Rain Jacket:

I got this rain jacket as a gift, and I LOVE it. Rain beads up and falls right off of it, it's very lightweight, and it has a zipper pocket on the front to hold your phone and wallet. Plus, it can be compressed into such a small ball and fit right into your bag. $30


These are just some cute and sassy sunglasses that I love. I can't find the exact ones on Amazon, but I've linked a similar pair! $12

Sanitizing Wipes:

I like keeping wipes in my bag, as opposed to a bottle of Germ-X, because I find that Germ-X often explodes in my bag. I like having wipes handy for two things in Disney: sanitizing my hands before eating a meal or a snack and cleaning my hands after eating something that was messy (like a Dole Whip)!


If you're a hardcore Disney-goer like I am, you will probably experience some shoe discomfort while logging 16 hour days in the parks. I always pack some strong, fabric Band-Aids just in case I start to get blisters on my heels or any other parts of my feet. I have found that even my most comfortable shoes give me blisters at some point on Disney vacations.

Mickey Ears:

Can you really consider yourself "packed" without a pair (or ten) of Mickey ears? I didn't think so. "Here are a few of my favorites" (I will be very proud of whoever can guess what Disney ride I am referencing)!

What do you pack in your Disney parks bag? Also, please comment your Disney ride guess, and I'll let you know if you guessed right!


To book your next Disney vacation, contact me here!


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2 commentaires

Heather McGinnis Holland
Heather McGinnis Holland
12 avr. 2018

I would add to this list a FROG TOGGS CHILLY PAD. For those of you unfamiliar with these, they almost feel like a thin yoga mat material, are super lightweight and compact, and only cost roughly $10. These are a LIFESAVER in the warmer (let’s be honest BLAZING HOT) summer months at Disney. They are lighter than a towel, and are activated by simply pouring cool water onto them. These chilly pads hold the coolness and are extremely refreshing and relieving in those long ride lines and outdoor ques. My family has tried doing the spray bottle/fan thing and that just feels like someone spitting lukewarm water in your face. These awesome frog toggs stay cool for an extended period…


11 avr. 2018

I have never thought of band-aids as something to bring to disney; but man would I need them with all the blisters I am prone to getting! Oh and I love that bag!

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