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Resort Review: Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The first time I stayed at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort, it was in the beginning stages of being renovated and definitely needed some major updating. Whenever I went back to the resort last November (2018), my friend and I were originally assigned to one of the older rooms, but they upgraded us to a refurbished room in the "Herbie" section. A lot of the All-Star Movies rooms have been completely redone and are so nice. They put in new TVs and mattresses, added murphy beds, and gave the bathrooms a complete makeover. I was shocked at how completely transformed the rooms at this value resort looked when I first walked in. The price of staying at this resort averages about $150/night, but it all depends on the time of year that you visit Disney World. This is a pretty sweet deal, considering the perks of staying at a resort on Disney property! Plus, the beds are very comfortable, the bathrooms have an unlimited supply of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, the rooms feel cleaner, and the murphy bed allows for more space in the room.

I would now give this resort a 9/10 rating--if the resort were along a monorail, boat, or skyliner path, I would give it a 10/10!

Here are some pictures of the newly renovated rooms!

Note: Only half of the resort is renovated but should be completely done sometime this year. Also, while some of the renovated rooms are "Preferred" (closer to the food court and buses; more expensive), you can get a renovated room at the Standard Room price! This is what I did in November when I was there.


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