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Disney World "Walls"

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

While almost every spot in Disney World is picturesque, there are several walls located throughout each of the four parks that are commonly referred to as the "Disney Walls." On my past few trips to Disney World, I have hunted and found a few of these walls! I realize that I only have pictures in front of six out of about twenty walls, but I find a few each trip that I go on. If you haven't located these walls and taken pictures in front of them, make sure to do it on your next Disney World vacation! What are some of your favorite walls in Disney World?

Magic Kingdom:

Galactic Purple Wall - Tomorrowland entrance

Candy Stripe Wall - Main Street Confectionery

Hollywood Studios:

Toy Story Block Wall - Toy Story Land Restrooms

Muppets Wall - Grand Avenue


Bubblegum Wall - Spaceship Earth exit

Blueberry Wall - Spaceship Earth exit


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