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Christmas in Disneyland

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

If you've never visited Disneyland during Christmastime, you should definitely add it to your Disneyland bucket list! Not only does the park transform into a Christmas wonderland, but there are different versions of some attractions and even a Christmas parade! Here are my top 5 favorite things about Christmas in Disneyland:

"it's a small world" Holiday

Something I love more than Disneyland's version of "it's a small world" is "it's a small world" Holiday! Both the interior and exterior of this attraction are completely transformed for the Christmas season, and they even have a Christmas twist to the traditional song that plays throughout the ride. Make sure to check out the light projection show on the outside of the building, which plays every 30 minutes once it gets dark!

A Christmas Fantasy Parade

I love that Disneyland has this holiday parade that all "general admission" guests can experience without paying an additional fee. There are Christmas-themed floats, Santa Claus, marching toy soldiers, and so much more. If you're craving something sweet (and it's not too cold), grab some ice cream from Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor and enjoy this wonderful Disney Christmas parade!

Christmas wreaths, lights, and decor everywhere

I don't think there's a building in Disneyland Park or Disney's California Adventure that doesn't have some kind of Christmas decoration on it during November and December. Cars Land is probably my favorite area during the holidays because of the attention to detail. I mean, look at that hubcap Christmas tree! I also love the lights on Sleeping Beauty Castle, but I think that's a given.

Characters dressed for the holidays

Something I love about Disneyland is that the characters dress up for the different holidays (Halloween and Christmas). It's even better that the characters are roaming the parks and are always ready for a picture. Even though the Dapper Dans aren't characters, they dress for the Christmas season, too!

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Although I prefer the "normal" version of Haunted Mansion, Haunted Mansion Holiday is definitely very well done and a must-do during the Christmas holidays. The entire outside and inside of the attraction are themed after Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's a completely different ride, including the soundtrack, from the beginning of September to the beginning of January.

If you're planning to take a trip to Disneyland but don't know when to go, look into going during Christmas because there are so many additions to the "normal" Disneyland experience. I've only listed my five favorite things about Disneyland during Christmas, but there's much more Christmassy things that I haven't mentioned here! Check out the Disneyland website to see all that there is to offer during November and December, and get that trip booked!


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